Man stabbed after running into Police station for help

first_img…as Cops dash for coverAn Angoys Avenue, New Amsterdam, Berbice man had to seek medical attention after being stabbed in the vicinity of the heart during what Police are investigating as a triangular love affair.Reports are the 30-year-old pork knocker was stabbed in the vicinity of his heart at the Traffic Department of Central Police Station, New Amsterdam after he ran into the Police Station seeking help, as the perpetrator was hot in pursuit.The incident started at the New Amsterdam Market and in a bid to be rescued by Police, the victim ran some 300 meters to the Police Station with his attacker behind him on a motorcycle. The victim made it into the Police Station, but his attacker rode his motorcycle into the building crashing into the door. The loud impact sent officers dashing for cover.Armed with a knife, the 35-year-old attacker continued his pursuit of the pork knocker.The two men reportedly ran around several sections of the Police Station until the victim escaped outside again with his attacker in pursuit. It was outside the Traffic Department the attacker stabbed the victim. A Police Officer then picked up a stick and hit the attacker in a bid to save the victim. The victim, this newspaper was told, was recently released from prison. He was serving time for injuring the very man who stabbed him.This newspaper was told that the feud between the men stemmed from a relationship both of them share with the same woman. Both men were arrested and are in custody pending charges.last_img read more